About Us

S R Corporate Services was established in the year 2003, with an objective to provide quality solutions to its client so as to enable to efficiently manage their business in the Indian Market.

The Management of the company consists of well-qualified professionals like Chartered Accountants with a minimum experience of more than five years. Our team is consist of five directors who are professional CA's and a staff of more than thirty people. The collective expertise of our team enables us to successfully meet the varied consultancy needs and requirements of our clients.

The company has its main office situated in Mumbai but its operations are extended to other cities in India like Delhi, Pune, Ahemdabad, Banglore, Indore etc

We are one of the fastest growing company in providing affordable and prompt solutions We are committed towards delivering to our clients for providing best quality services along with our intensive research based consultancy services that assists our clients to kick-start their startups in India. Further our in depth knowledge and coverage of all business related areas helps our clients in easily setting up a new establishment and competing other formalities.

S R Corporate Services provides services in varied business requirements such as Company formation, Company Compliance, Business registrations, Audit assurance, Business Process outsourcing, Recruitment solutions, Temporary staffing and Project financing.


To be India's most prestigious organisation in the field of Entity Setup and Management Services. To be an 'enabler' and catalyst for growth, providing a platform for business expansion in India to the global community.


To provide unparalleled Entity Setup and Management Services to the global business community, for expansion within India. To be a trendsetter in providing business solutions to the client, adding value to their organisation. To achieve the highest level of satisfaction for the client, coupled with rapid rate of growth for their business. To create a transparent environment, resulting in the overall growth and development of our associates by maintaining high moral and ethical standards. To encourage the spirit of teamwork within the organisation. To continuously adapt to the changing business environment, remaining up-to-date and current at all times.