Recruitment & Manpower Services

The success of every business entity is determined by the power, strength and commitment of its people. This makes it extremely important for every company to acquire the right mix of people to achieve organisational objectives.

At SRC, we look at the workforce of a company as the life-force of a company. Like the element 'Wind', people act as a 'vital breath' to the company, bringing it to life. Each employee possesses a unique capability and talent. This is why we choose to refer to the recruitment services we offer as Talent Solution Services rather than simply recruitment solutions.

We help our clients identify, match and recruit the right talent for their organisations, maintaining a delicate balance which ensures success. Staffing services also form a part of our service menu, helping our clients with both short-term and long-term talent recruitment needs.

We look forward to strong support and a positive attitude from our clientele in this regard. This enables us to continue to deliver a high-standard of services with timely and successful outcomes for our clients.

Our own well-balanced mix of core management professionals has been instrumental in meeting client needs across all verticals and sectors. Our aggressive and ethical approach has worked wonders, placing us in the Top 3 service providers list.