Assurance/Audit Services

Every Organisation requires a check on their systems and activities which is conducted by a team which is external from their operation team. This helps them with the assurance that the process that has been laid down by the organisation has been appropriately followed by the team.

SR Corporate, with the help of qualified and trained team helps to get this assurance level for the management. This in turn helps the management to be rest assured about the functioning of the respective department of the organisation as required.

Types of the management audit conducted by us are as follows :

Fixed Asset Verification :

One of the Major challenge that is faced by the Organisation is to have a regular check on the Fixed Assets owned by them. In most of the cases, the management is not sure that the Fixed Assets as reflected in the books are same as they’re physically available in the Organisation.

At SR Corporate we help the Company to do a Comprehensive verification of the fixed asset with the organisation. This includes helping the company with enabling a process to keep the record as per the statutory requirement and identification process to map the physical record with the book record.

Our Experience with various companies has enabled us to develop the process with which the activities can be done in a very optimum time for the required result.

Stock Audit :

We help the Organisation with undertake physical verification and reconciliation of stock . This helps the organisation to know the status of the book stock and the Physical stock. The verification also includes the checking of the Process about the recording of transactions, receipt and dispatch process of the stock and the integration of the record with the books of accounts.

Compliance Audit :

The Compliance requirement in India are many considering multiple Acts applicable to an organisation. Our Compliance audit helps the Organisation to conduct a heath check with respect to the Compliance requirement which enable the Organisation to detect any areas in which the same has not been complied with. This activity if conducted at various intervals helps the Organisation to have a check on the requirement of the Income tax, Serivice tax, VAT and other related Acts.

Process Audit :

Every Organisation has multiple Business process working simultaneously. A regular check on the process with respective to their effectiveness and requirement helps the organisation to strengthen the internal process for the optimum utilisation of the same.

Process audit involves the ares such as Finance function, Production process, Cash management process, Procurement process.

Reconciliation Process:

With Increase in the volume, organisation faces issues of unreconciled balances in various parts of their accounting function. It becomes very important for the organisation to get the same streamlined.

With experience of having completed reconciliation of very high volume, our experience helps the organisation to tackle such difficult situations and get the things streamlined.