Accounting Services

Accounting Services one of the most important and basic challenge that an organisations faces is having their accounts up-to-date. However, this becomes the most important activity which an organisation has to perform for its internal and Statutory requirement.

We at SRC provide a Comprehensive service to manage your accounts and keep them up-to-date so that it always becomes an strength for your to bank on at required times.

Some of the important highlight of the activity we undertake is as follows:

Setting the Accounting Process:

One of the basic and important area which we help establish in the organisation is the accounting process which include preparation of the standard accounting chart, Documentation process, Approval Process. This helps the organisation to set the required controls process and the documentation process.

Statutory Documentation process:

We help Organisation to maintain the Documents required as per various statutory norms. This includes the Acts such as Shop and Establishment Act, Provident fund act, Service tax Act etc..

Transactions recording :

Timely recording of the transaction is the basic requirement for any accounting process. At SRC we work on the most suitable solution with respect to deputation of manpower, reporting structure so that the accounts of the organisation are maintained as required.

Monthly MIS :

One of the most important requirement of the organisation is to have a monthly status of the financials and other important financials related information such as Debtors aging, Stock reconciliation, Bank reconciliations etc. These statement helps the management to analyse the current situation and plan for their action accordingly. Our Team, led by qualified personal help the organisation to achieve the same.