Accounting Compliance Services

One of the key components of a successful organisation is its ability to develop and setup efficient accounting systems that keep track of and guide the flow of finance and management information.

The flow of finance resembles the flow of the element 'Water'. If used correctly, it provides the ultimate source of power and without it all is lost. Like water is to life, finance is the pulse of an organisation. At SRC, we tap into this pulse with the help of an efficient accounting system, one which takes a broader view of accounting and not one that merely focuses on bookkeeping.

Setting up the basic procedure of the accounting system, timely updation of the books of accounts, adherence to the compliance requirements of Income Tax, VAT Laws, Service Tax Act, etc. all form a part of our Total Accounts Management Services.

We even customise our services to the need of the client by assisting them in the preparation of their monthly reports which are important in the management decision making process of every firm. This leaves the client free to concentrate on the core competency of their business, enabling them in achieving greater success.